Maintaining Ideal Temperature in Your Server Room

Maintaining Ideal Temperature in Your Server Room

Data is more important today than ever, and the servers it lives on are the backbone of modern life. In order to safeguard your vital information, there are many measures you should have in play, with one of the most important being ambient temperature.

Servers generate a lot of heat and keeping them from overheating is essential. For example, consider the 16-hour Hotmail outage back in 2013, which was caused by a spike in temperature in the server room.

What Is the Maximum Temperature for a Server Room?

The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) is the organization that dictates standards for the industry, including acceptable temperature ranges. ASHRAE standards state that a data center should maintain a temperature of 64.4° to 80.6° Fahrenheit (18°C-27°C), with an associated relative humidity of 20-80 percent.

That said, those numbers represent the two extremes, and the middle ground is the safest for server rooms. Many IT professionals prefer to keep things a bit cooler out of an abundance of caution – usually in the 65 to 75-degree F range.

Do Server Rooms Need Air Conditioning?

HVAC design for server room cooling is a constant challenge due to the heat generated by the servers. Fluctuations in temperature can cause wear and tear, and even damage, to server components. Therefore, air conditioning is an indispensable feature of server rooms and data centers.

What Type of AC Is Used in a Server Room?

The answer depends on the room in question. Determining the room’s airflow patterns is an important first step. That allows you to find hotspots or other concerns that need to be addressed.

The most efficient server room HVAC design usually involves not only a reduction in temperature, but also maximizing airflow across the server racks, cooling them, and moving the heat away from sensitive equipment. Humidity levels must also be monitored and controlled to keep them within the 20-80 percent ASHRAE standards.

Newer technologies, like the server rack air conditioner and advanced water-cooled systems, are moving at a breakneck pace as they try to keep up with the ever-expanding needs of server farms and data centers.

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