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Henick-Lane Service Corp is ready 24/7 to deliver emergency service assistance for any and all client needs. Our service fleet consists of 35 GPS-equipped vehicles, and approximately 80% of our emergency service calls are responded to within a 2-hour window, minimizing loss of productivity for our clients by enabling them to keep vital operations up and running.

Family owned and operated For NEARLEY 60 YEARS!

Henick-Lane, Inc. is a family owned and operated company that provides and maintains stable and environmentally controlled spaces. Our philosophy is to earn and build strong relationships with our clients, treating each client as a member of the Henick-Lane, Inc. family. We serve clients throughout the industrial and commercial marketplaces, striving for unparalleled customer service in all aspects of our business.

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Green Philosophy Emphasizing the importance of
environmental consciousness.

Everyone at Henick-Lane, Inc. is acutely aware of the need to protect and preserve the environment for future generations. We actively promote and implement environmentally friendly building solutions and we continually seek new information regarding the latest green advancements. Furthermore, we work together with our clients to provide education on the cost and energy savings benefits associated with green technologies.

LEED-certified buildings are not just built with energy efficiency in terms of electricity and lighting; many different aspects of a building’s operation and maintenance are taken into consideration. In fact, HVAC plays a role in LEED construction: specifically, a building’s heating and cooling equipment is designed and installed to be as efficient as possible.

An HVAC system for a LEED-certified building should have the Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR label, an international standard for energy-efficient products. The higher the rating is, the more efficient the system. An HVAC professional can help determine which unit is the most eco-friendly in relation to the size of the building. The unit will save the building owner money on energy bills and will help the environment by wasting fewer resources. Another valuable part of the HVAC system is air filtration: a factor of certification, proper ventilation benefits occupants’ health, in particular, those with asthma or allergies.

HVAC equipment will influence the score the building receives. In fact, two different scoring categories that make up 40 percent of the points pertain to HVAC: Energy and Atmosphere (EA) and Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ). The Energy and Atmosphere category is worth up to 38 points while Indoor Environmental Quality is worth 21 points. In other words, if your building receives 50 points on the grading scale, 20 percent of those points are from HVAC.

Henick-Lane’s employees are well-versed in this philosophy and we are proud that more than half of the staff are LEED Accredited Professional’s.

I have been working with Henick-Lane for the last 10 years.  Over the course of that time they have completed, with the highest quality, both interior and ground-up construction projects in NYC and the outer boroughs.  They are dependable, forthright, and they always complete the project no matter what obstacles are in front of them. With that said, they have become my go-to contractor for HVAC, and I highly recommend them for any size project.

Daniel J. Centonze
Senior Vice President / Construction - Edward J. Minskoff Equities, Inc.

Henick-Lane, Inc. has been my HVAC provider for over 15 years and has always been available, same day, with the right personnel whenever I needed them.  I specifically remember the time when we lost our primary CW pump over the weekend in early June – Henick-Lane had both a tech AND the manufacturer on-site within a few hours.  The Owners are available 24/7 and I would recommend their team to anyone. 

Michael C
Director of Facilities - Commercial Class - A Office Building – NYC

Workers in vests inspecting building HVAC

When Should You Repair or Replace Your Commercial HVAC Unit?

HVAC systems have a way of misbehaving when we need them most, often during heat waves and cold snaps. Keeping a consistent temperature in a workspace does more than help your employees’ comfort; it improves productivity and keeps your business working smoothly. The best way to avoid an emergency is
HVAC & Covid-19 Safety

HVAC Systems and COVID-19 Safety

We’ve all hoped that the ongoing pandemic and spread of COVID-19 would be resolved after these past two years. COVID-19 continues to affect lives and businesses, including our own here at the Henick-Lane family. We remain dedicated to ensuring the safety of everyone at your places of business as if
importance of hvac energy efficiency

The Importance of HVAC Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a top priority for building heating and cooling systems. When our customers come to us for individual unit replacements or entire system upgrades, it is frequently cited as a reason. Newer, more technologically advanced, and more energy-efficient HVAC units provide distinct advantages, including tax breaks, increased comfort