Daniel J. Centonze | Senior Vice President / Construction

Edward J. Minskoff Equities, Inc.

I have been working with Henick-Lane for the last 10 years.  Over the course of that time they have completed, with the highest quality, both interior and ground-up construction projects in NYC and the outer boroughs.  They are dependable, forthright, and they always complete the project no matter what obstacles are in front of them. With that said, they have become my go-to contractor for HVAC, and I highly recommend them for any size project.

Daniel J. Centonze
Senior Vice President / Construction - Edward J. Minskoff Equities, Inc.

Michael C. | Director of Facilities

Class-A Office Building | NYC

Henick-Lane has been my HVAC provider for over 15 years and has always been available, same day, with the right personnel whenever I needed them.  I specifically remember the time when we lost our primary CW pump over the weekend in early June – Henick-Lane had both a tech AND the manufacturer on-site within a few hours.  The Owners are available 24/7 and I would recommend their team to anyone. 

Michael C
Director of Facilities - Class-A Office Building – NYC

Chief Engineer

666 3rd Ave, New York, NY

As Chief Engineer of a commercial property, I would like to express that I am always impressed with the swift and professional service I receive whenever I hire Henick-Lane.

Through the years, their staff has always been known to be responsive, knowledgeable, and courteous, regardless of the situation.  I’d like to specifically mention Adrian, who has always shown my staff (and our tenants) the utmost care and respect and has been a pleasure to deal with over the years.

I highly recommend Henick-Lane to anyone who is searching for a strong and reputable HVAC contractor.

Chief Engineer - 666 3rd Ave, New York, NY

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