Does Store Temperature Affect Retail Business?

Does Store Temperature Affect Retail Business?

Retail customers are influenced by many factors when they enter your store. Time of day, music  selection, and outside weather.  

But what about the inside weather?  

One of the most crucial systems keeping your customers happy and shopping is consistent and weather  appropriate store temperature. If your HVAC system is maintaining the right temperature, your customers  will be in no rush. They’ll stay longer and purchase more. But if your temperature is turned down too  low, customers will feel uncomfortable and hurry through your retail environment, which can cause your  company a decrease in sales.  

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recommends the ideal work temperature is a  range between 68 and 76 degrees. 

There is no one-temp-fits-all solution. Depending on the type of store you maintain, the number of exits, the number of windows and ambient lights, your ideal temperature will change. In fact, outside weather is  a major factor on what level to keep your retail space. How many layers of clothing your customers are  wearing will determine how high or low your store will need to be. It’s always safer to err on the warm  side because comfortable customers are buying customers. 

Check the date to see when your last HVAC inspection occurred. If your HVAC system is struggling to  maintain a consistent temperature, that will cause your system to use more electricity and cost you more  money. Let Henick-Lane diagnose your system. Our trained technicians can provide a detailed  understanding of any possible HVAC maintenance or repair needs. In the long run, a smoothly running  HVAC system will save your business money and keep your customers shopping.

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