Latest News/Developments in HVAC

Latest News/Developments in HVAC

Technology always moves forward, and every year brings new developments and equipment. As we approach the end of 2022, let’s take a look at some of the new directions and developments in the industry.

Current HVAC Trends Going Into 2023

First let’s take a look at some of the ongoing trends in the industry and what they may hold for the coming year.

Industry Growth According to Bureau of Labor Statistics projections, there will be a roughly 8% increase in available industry jobs over the next seven years, which translates into approximately 38,500 new positions each year for techs and installation staff.

Data CentersIn the information age, data drives everything, and that means servers to store it on. Data centers, with their stringent temperature and humidity requirements continue to be one of the strongest growth areas for commercial HVAC services as we move into 2023.

Holistic Building ManagementAs energy efficiency becomes increasingly more important and required by regulations, another trend has become evident: finding ways to create synergy between the entire building’s systems to maximize efficient HVAC operation. For example, adding insulation where needed to reduce strain on the system.

Is There an HVAC Equipment Shortage?

Supply chain issues have hit every business during Covid, and the HVAC industry is not immune. Shortages in materials like copper and steel have had a direct impact on availability, as has the ongoing shortage of semiconductor chips. On top of that – like all industries – labor shortages have slowed production as workers get sick or leave to take care of sick loved ones.

HVAC standards and practices are going to undergo an extreme revision in January of 2023, when the Dept of Energy’s new minimum efficiency standards for the industry go into effect. Combined with the supply chain, materials, and labor issues noted above is why substantial cost increases are projected for our industry in the coming year.

In addition, manufacturers across the commercial HVAC sector have been announcing 5-30% increases on their prices. On the good side, any price increases won’t affect prices on equipment shipped out before New Year’s Day 2023. If you are considering upgrades or new systems contact us right away, especially if your current system uses ozone depleting refrigerants like R-22.

What Is Tesla HVAC?

Does Tesla make AC units? Tesla currently only makes HVAC for their cars, but there is some buzz about expanding into residential / commercial HVAC in the near future. With Elon Musk all over the news with his recent acquisition of Twitter, there has not been much news about the residential Tesla HVAC for the past few months.

In late July, Musk stated that it was on their “product list”, but not much has been heard since. According to reporting, it is an evolution of the HVAC systems used in his Tesla automobiles and includes Covid era developments such as HEPA filtration. Is there a Tesla HVAC system release date? At this point none has been announced.

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