Service and Maintenance

Henick Lane

Henick-Lane Service Corp. has a full service and maintenance department staffed with highly trained and certified technicians who can quickly identify problem areas and provide repairs. Our technicians are equipped with smartphones to ensure immediate access to technical information and we pride ourselves on keeping our service team educated by providing regular in-house training.

We also offer the services of our preventative maintenance team to ensure the most efficient operation of our clients' systems.

Emergency Service
Henick-Lane Service professionals are ready 24/7 to deliver emergency service assistance for any and all client needs. Our service fleet consists of 35 GPS-equipped vehicles, and approximately 80% of our emergency service calls are responded to within a 2-hour window, minimizing loss of productivity for our clients by enabling them to keep vital operations up and running.
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Commissioning Services 
Experts from Henick-Lane will provide reporting and verification of system operation. We will also ensure that systems are operating in compliance with design parameters.